Monday, February 28, 2011

I could have stayed.

I could have stayed so easily

It’s easier to stay in your comfort zone

Than it is to face adversity.

I could have worked things through

I could have continued to pretend

That I was in love with you,

I’m so close now, as a matter of fact

It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come

When I turn around and look back.

So many days I spent crawling

In a pit of despair

But I built myself a foundation

Test it if you dare

I remember the days I spent

Feeling lowly and weak

Didn’t have a penny

My lows were at their peak,

But I had a dream and a vision in my mind

And I’ve been on this one solitary path

To everything else I’ve been blind.

I could have taken the easy route,

I could have chosen to stay.

We would have still ended though

And I couldn’t have stopped my family from moving away.

So I thank my beautiful maker

And my passion to see this thing through

It goes to prove that the only person you should ever follow is you.

Sunny Sweeney - Stayings Worse Than Leaving

Listen to these lyrics. This song is so amazing. Leaving my relationship last year was one of the hardest things I have ever done, I swear I almost lost my mind. Then, leaving all my family and friends to pursue my dreams across the country tripled the difficulty of the situation. There have been so many times when I didn't think it was possible to feel more pain than I was feeling in that moment.

I miss my family and I miss my friends, but I am so glad I had the strength to foresee that I needed this growth. I needed this opportunity. I am not yet settled, but I am so glad I didn't stay, it would have been much worse than leaving.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Put Your Heart Into It - Sherrie Austin

I am so totally singing this song next time I go do karaoke at the country bar.

I even have the hair for the part. WIN.

A Poem Meant to Capture the Desperation of a Crush.

My heart is bleeding today because I know you're fading away,
It's so close that I can see the whisper of my dream but I can't reach out enough to grasp the seam.

So I slip down this gentle slope,
And fall a lover's death because even though I am right here,
You haven't seen me yet.

How can I be so drawn and barely be heard by someone so beautiful that it makes me feel absurd?

I'm just another ripple in the pond.
I'm searching through the murky water but you won't stay for long.
And I'm drowning in my hope, engulfed by all my fears.

I'm putting out the fire with plenty of my tears...
You'll never see what we could be because you'll never know the sunlight through the rain.
You'll walk right by with an umbrella,
The mask of all of my pain, while I pine what should be mine in a perfect world.
All the while you will continue thinking I'm an ordinary girl.

The barista drew a coffee cup in my froth! I am so impressed!
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"All a girl wants is for one guy to prove they're not all the same." -Marilyn Monroe
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EMF - Unbelievable

FYI, you're purple prose just gives you away.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

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This is a habit I have to break
I give up who I am and lose my ground
No one makes me, it just overtakes me
And I end up compromising myself and my goals
It's time to recenter, it's time to gain strength
This pattern cannot continue
Desperation brings only mistakes.

I have to remember my worth and dignity
It's high time I grow up
And accept some responsibility
It's time to conduct myself more professionally.

Life is a gift, and good times should be had
But to accomplish my dreams
I've got to make the ground solid on which I stand.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Glass Reality

Trapped in a glass box

Where the view is so clear

But I can’t reach the reality

That borders my hemisphere

I push at the walls of my boundaries

I try with all my might

But this box I’ve locked myself in

Doesn’t care what’s wrong or right

So I beat at the sides

And long for the course

I see running along the edges

Of a hopeless dreamer’s remorse

I know what I want

It’s not what I deserve

I’m reaching for empty space

I’m losing all my nerve

The world outside is humbling

Shaking up the rules of my trade

It shifts my boxed-in reality

A reminder of the deal I made.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mmmmm spin it like you mean it
Wrap it round my head
Sing it in the shower
Hum it till it's dead

Gimme the beat I'm seeking
Sing me another song
Wrap me in the lyrics
Of a beat that's going strong

They wanna feel the rhythm
They wanna live the beat
Give them what they beg for
Let's make em move their feet

Yeah spin it like you mean it
Wrap it round my head
Breathe fire in my engine
I'll dance until I'm dead

Can you hear them calling
Their begging for a beat
Give them what they beg for
Common and make em move their feet.

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Right Here, Right Now.

Let it flow from your inner self

Don’t hold back, smile as wide as you can

You feel so alive, dance in the waves

As they take over who I am.

I feel so free, so real, so me

I’m swimming in a dream

Don’t wake me up from this world

Hold me, remember me as this girl

Embrace what this is,

Hold on while it lasts

It may not be fate or forever

But for now it’s a blast

Don’t stress about tomorrow

Don’t delve on the past

Rock with the movement

Before time goes by too fast

The sands of time may bind us

They’re nipping at our heels

Ignore the pressure from the world

And focus on how right now feels.

Take Me Out by Atomic Tom

Jac sent me this...I LOVE IT SO HARD.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I still have hope

I still cling to the light

I’m too damn stubborn to

Give up my ideals in life

I’ve crawled through the muck

And pulled out of the rain

To push myself on

the right track again

I love the scars

Now that they’ve healed

I revel in the growth

And knowledge they revealed

I wouldn’t go back

And change one thing

Because all of my tomorrows

Depend on what my yesterdays bring

So I will dance and I will sing

I’ll stick to my dreamer’s stance

I won’t give into the cynics cause

I want to believe in romance.

Kentucky Gem

Hey there Kentucky gem

Do you know what you wanna be?

Not sure? That’s okay, common

And take a little walk with me.

Let’s talk about life

And where we want to land

Let’s map out the stars

In the palm of your hand

You’re a mix of eccentricity

and brilliance

in terms of creativity

What I like the most is that you

Aren’t afraid to live and let be

You don’t judge, you just live

And accept me as me.

Hey there Kentucky gem

Do you know what you wanna be?

Not sure? That’s okay, common

And take a little walk with me.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I have a cold.

The end,
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DJ Tails

Last night I had a dream that I became a DJ and called myself DJ Tails cause I always wore my hair in pig tails. I also wore psychedelic body paint, black leggings and silly frilly skirts when I played shows.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

LADY GAGA - Born This Way (Cover)

This makes me so unbelievably happy. This is so beautiful, this is what life is about, this is a dream in action, this is hope, this is everything I love about this world.

So much love and appreciation for this little girl, her amazing talent and this lovely, lovely cover.

P.S. I'm back on the GaGa wagon. I don't care if she ripped off Madonna, her lyrics are so beautiful.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Sugar Cookie Recipe, revised for the betterment of mankind.

THIS is how you make friends:

I revised my sugar cookie recipe. :D

1 C. Sugar
1 C. Butter
3 Tblsp. Milk
1 Tblsp. Vanilla
1 egg
3 C. Flour
1 1/2 Tsp. Baking Powder
1/2 Tsp. Salt

In a bowl (I prefer a mixer cause I am lazy) mix 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of room temperature butter (I use salted butter because I like to shake it up), 3 tablespoons of milk, 1 tablespoon of vanilla (I love the nilla), and 1 egg and MIX!
Ok, once that is all blended now you need to add three cups of flour into the dough, then add 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Mix well then put in the fridge for an hour. Once it is good and cold you can cut it into shapes or roll it into balls. I made semi small cookies. A really fun way of preparing them is to roll them into a loaf in parchment paper and then cut them into cookie sized slices before you bake them. Makes em look like the Pillsbury cookies. When I do this I roll the roll in sugar before I refrigerate it. :D I have made them without refrigerating them, but to be honest they always taste better when I do refrigerate them. Not sure what that cooling does, but it works wonders on the taste. When I take em out I bake them at 400 degrees for seven minutes. They won't look done, but the secret to making them AMAZING is to barely bake them then pull em off the cookie sheet (carefully cause they are still kinda gooey) then let em sit and trust me, they will harden up just enough to look and taste cooked.

Make-up and the squirrel - Eddie Izzard

"Did I leave the gas on? No, cause I'm a fucking squirrel!"

Mumford & Sons - The Cave

My best friend sent this to me yesterday cause I was having a bad day. I love her so much.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ultraviolet Sound: Two of Hearts

It's Valentines Day and I'm having a dance party in my apartment and eating my favorite pizza with super fatty desserts. Dancing + Not having to cook my own dinner or dessert = PERFECT.


Now, who wants to come over and spoon tonight?

Ultraviolet Sound- Hot Hot Riot ( Music Video )

Ultraviolet Sound - "Suck My Kiss" Music Video

Dear Valentine,

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I know you are out there
And someday I will find you.

Valentines Day

My Grandma told me a long time ago

The only person you can count on is you

I never wanted to believe her

I never wanted it to be true.

Every year brings more epiphanies

More growth, some from harsh truths

As I struggle to soak it all in and learn

I long for the optimism of youth

The blissful ignorance

Of years yet to come

When love was an eternal pool

My imagination pulled from

It is not yet my time

To know all the reasons why

I’m not ready to settle down

My spirit is still on the fly

The possibilities are still endless

But one truth is now known

I cannot place my happiness on another’s shoulders

I alone make my house a home

This epiphany I have found

Though I still hope and pray

To find another solution

By the next Valentines Day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lady Gaga - Born This Way vs. Madonna - Express Yourself

I used to be a GaGa fan till this bullshit. WTH ever happened to being original???

I can’t tell you how I feel

Because you don’t feel the same

But if I could express myself

These are the things I would say:

You’re beautiful and perfect

In every single way

You’re exactly what I want and need

Please don’t go away

I don’t mean to be selfish

But I don’t want you to go

I wish I had met you sooner

So I could let you know

How hard it is not to fall for you

But I just can’t help myself

It’s like I found a mecca

Of unbridled wealth

But instead I will keep my

Feelings locked deep down

Cause if I were to tell you now

You wouldn’t come around

So I will keep these feelings

To myself and you’ll never know

How wonderful I think you are

And how you’ve helped me grow.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nutella tea!

This morning I was eating Nutella mousse and drinking my Celebrate tea from Fall Creek Fibers...and then I had an idea. What if I put the mousse in my tea like whipped cream?

Yes, yes I did.

This is probably the best idea I've ever had.


Celebrate tea
Boiling water
Three spoonfuls of nutella mousse
One spoonful of honey
One dash of milk

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Friday, February 11, 2011

I haven't settled down
Because I want more than ordinary
I think it's worth the wait
To find something extraordinary

I know I'm a challenge
A true blooded unicorn
No virgin to love
I've felt the prick of the thorn
And it left me feeling battered
It left me feeling worn

So I hate to be cautious
But I shy from the flame
Because I've been burned
By this dangerous game

I try to be open minded
But the longer I wait
The harder it is to find
That elusive soulmate

They swear it will happen
But I'm wasting my time
Sitting here waiting
With the others in line

Shall I just content myself
To living alone
Cause it seems like a void
Has replaced the heart I've grown.
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Thank you.

I want to be treated

Exactly like this

Never knew it existed

Didn’t realize what was amiss

But now you’ve got me spoiled

By showing me exactly what I want

How cruel of life to flash you now

It’s a mean kind of taunt

That’s ok baby

I don’t mind

I’m just happy to know

Another one of a kind

So I can’t keep you

This much is sure

Just know you’ve got promise

And so much allure

So I smile cause I know

Someone like you exists

Even if I can’t have you

You’re still a dream come true.

I totally stole the dancing blue-footed boobie's mating dance last night at the club.

I love moving with the rhythm

Cause all I wanna do is dance

You got me on this floor

The music puts me in a trance

Can you feel the magic

That lingers in the air

When a room full of people

Let lose and just don’t care

I live for the euphoria

That rises from the steam

Of bodies on the dance floor

Moving just for me

So let it go

And let it flow

Move your body

On the floor

Yeah let it go

Move with me

Ain’t a worry in the world

So just let it be

I can feel the rhythm

And all I wanna do is dance

You got me on this floor

This music puts me in a trance

Swaying with the motion

I wouldn’t change a thing

Got a sea of bodies flowin’

Euphoria washin’ over me

So let it go

And let it flow

Move your body

On the floor

Yeah let it go

Move with me

Ain’t a worry in the world

So just let it be

I can feel the rhythm

And all I wanna do is dance

You got me on this floor

This music puts me in a trance

I can feel the rhythm

And all I wanna do is dance

You got me on this floor

This music puts me in a trance

I can feel the rhythm

And all I wanna do is dance

You got me on this floor

This music puts me in a trance.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Within temptation - Angels (Lyrics)

This has been a long time favorite of mine. I love playing this as loud as I can when I work late nights in the lab. I can't hit the high notes but no one is around to hear me try, haha. Have a great Thursday!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The One

This is the song I wrote for my very first youtube video, the song itself was inspired by the music for Taylor Swift's song ''Love Story.''

Okay baby so you gotta run

I understand that you’re not the one

I’ll find my Johhny,

Go get Romeo,

Loves not dead now, but I gotta go.

If you’re not ready, then you’re not the one

I’ll find my Johhny, I’ll find Romeo.

If you gotta run,

It hurts cause you were the one.


I guess you don’t support me

And it hurts, but

It’s okay cause I can see

That a new day is what tomorrow brings

I hope I don’t see it

I hope I never know

Cause it’s gonna take some time

For me to let you go.

It’s all right baby,

I thought you were the one

I fell so fast for you

I thought this was the one

But I never saw when we kissed

All the things that I missed

Well I know I need to let this go

Well a new day is what tomorrow brings

I hope I don’t see it

I hope I never know

Cause it’s gonna take some time

For me to let you go.

It’s all right baby,

I really thought you were the one

Now all you gotta do is run.

I hope I don’t see it

I hope I never know

Cause it’s gonna hurt this time

For me to let you go.

I know you need to fly

So baby fly right by.

I hope I don’t see it

I hope that I never know

It’s gonna take some time

For me to let you go.

It’s all right baby,

I thought you were the one

But all this time we were just too young.

But all this time we were just too young.

But all this time we were just too young.

Okay baby so you gotta run

I understand now you’re not the one

I’ll find my Johhny,

Go get Romeo,

What tomorrow brings

I hope I see

I hope I always know

Cause it took me some time

To let you go.

It’s all right baby,

I know you’re not the one

Yeah, we were just too young!

Nutella is crack.

This is me NOT eating nutella mousse instead of studying for my environmental chemistry test tomorrow. I'm sure this mousse will somehow help me derive the correct answers...cause NUTELLA is always the answer. Or was that 42? Anyways...
For the win folks, for the win.

Can't. Stop. Eating. Nutella.

Nutella Mousse Recipe:
1 cup heavy whipping cream (super healthy, it's an important source of calcium, think healthy bones people!)
1 Large Spoonful of Nutella (Nutella counts as a serving of vegetables in my book)
1 Large squeeze of chocolate syrup

Blend ingredients in a blender or with a hand held mixer until it forms a thick cool whip-like texture. I use a Magic Bullet cause they're the freaking shizznizzle, if you don't have one YOU ARE SO UNCOOL and need to go buy one right now. Then make the mousse. ALWAYS make the mousse.

It's so nummy in my tummy right now. *Sigh*

Pendulum - Watercolour Album Version

Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy

A gaggle of geese, not to be confused with Google.

This picture was part of the front page news story (click here for the source link) this morning and I thought it was super adorable. I just had to share.

Too cute not to share.

I got these in an email and thought they were just too cute not to share.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I just shoved a beer can up a chicken's ass.

Yes, you read the title correctly. I just finished shoving a beer can up a chicken's ass. In my kitchen we make beer can chicken. we do. I was actually a virgin chicken roaster before these shinanegans...

Meet my friend Harold the chicken. Harold and I both enjoy beer very much, so we decided to join forces after reading about this recipe.

I figure we can both win in this scenario: one beer for Harold, one beer for me...this is how the best recipes are born people. Or maybe this is how one gets hangovers. IDK, ask me tomorrow.

ANYWAYS, the moral of the story is, I took Harold, violated him with a can of Michelob Ultra, threw in 6 cloves of garlic, rubbed him down with butter and thyme and shoved his darling little ass in the oven. Again I remind you this is where you can find the original recipe. I baked Harold for 2 hours at 425 degrees. Might I add that you need to know the weight of your chicken to determine the cooking time? Yeah, apparently this is important. If you don't pay attention to this then you have to dig through the garbage to find the stupid wrapper telling you how much it weighed in the first place so you can figure out your cooking time (20 minutes per pound). Not that I did that...cause being a virgin chicken roaster I knew to look at this in advance. *Shifty eyes*

Even after that I still pulled Harold out of the oven and ask him if he is done.

No response. Well then, 20 minutes per pound it is...

Did I forget to mention that the veggies at the bottom of the dish need a can of beer as well? What could go better with beer can chicken than beer swathed veggies? Everyone wins!

Yes, that is wine in a tea cup. I'm a college student, we're not known for our level of sophistication until we graduate and have to start paying back our college loans.

The wine complimented the beer quite nicely, just in case you were wondering.

True love is knowing and accepting someone for who they are, not who you want them to be. If you think you can change someone then you are on the wrong course, if you are lowering your personal standards because you are lonely, don't be an idiot, the right person will find you eventually, just have some patience. Fate works in mysterious ways, but it almost never works in the ways that you want. Just trust in yourself, learn who you are and what you need to be happy and enjoy the growing process. Eventually when you are the person you are meant to be you will find your other.

Don’t get attached you silly girl

You’re superfluous to his world

Don’t ignore the rules, just play your part

The problem with this is you have from the start.

You don’t fully know him

So don’t imagine that you do

You cannot possibly have seen all he is

And it’s too soon for him to have shown you

And yet you jump into the water

Straight up to neck deep

You expose yourself so willingly

To the lion you are the sheep

You think you know what you are doing

But the cycle is repeating itself again

You let yourself read more into his actions

When to him you’re only a friend

So keep your feet planted in reality

Don’t get lost in the allusion of a dream

If you follow the mirage you’ve created

Loneliness will be all you achieve

You’re the only idiot here

So gather up your nerve

Sometimes you have to forget what you want

And remember what you deserve.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I did it and I don't even feel slightly guilty about it.

It was world Nutella day yesterday, so in celebration of the greatest spread known to man, I made Nutella stuffed croiisants. These are so delicious and so simple that it's practically a crime not to make them.

I'm convinced that they put crack in Nutella, that's really the only explanation for my insane addiction to this amazingness.

No need for guilt here, just do it.

Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't even tell people there is Nutella inside, it would make the best surprise ever me thinks.

Sigh. I love these.


Take some store bought croissant/cresent roll dough and roll it out on a cookie sheet. Plop a spoonful of nutella in the center of each roll before you roll them up like croissants. Bake per can instructions (about 11 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit). Pull them out of the oven and put them on a plate to cool.

These are best enjoyed with tea, or milk, or coffee, or anything really.

*Warning, I am not responsible for the Nutella addictions that are to surely be created from this post*

If this is wrong then I don't wanna be right.

So my best friend sent me a link to a recipe that used cake batter AND sprinkles in a chocolate bark recipe and I instantly fell in love. I thought to myself, self, what could POSSIBLY be better than cake batter AND sprinkles in a bark recipe? I didn't think anything could be better...until I ran across the bag of MINT DARK CHOCOLATE baking chips at Wal Mart.


Let me just admit that my specialty is CAKES. I don't usually venture very far from them because cakes are what I do man. So trying new things always scares me. But I decided to try this recipe cause I figured how hard can it be to melt some friggin chocolate, right?


First of all, white chocolate is the devil and you need to use a double broiler to melt it. Unless you want to burn it twice in the microwave and then break your glass pyrex bowl when you don't let it cool down and instantly throw water in it. Not that I did that. *Shifts feet uncomfortably*


Melt a bag of mint n dark chocolate baking chips in the microwave for one minute, stir then nuke for another 30 seconds, stir then nuke for a final 30 seconds. Pour the mixture on a piece of parchment paper and spread out to desired thickness with a spoon or spatula. Place in the freezer for twenty minutes.

Set up a pan with water and place a heat safe bowl on top of the pan so that it is NOT in contact with the water. Place one bag of white chocolate chips in the bowl and stir CONSTANTLY. They burn SUPER easily so don't try to multi-task here! Burnt white chocolate is the WORST SMELL ON THE PLANET. Not that I would know. *AHEM*

Once it is mostly melted quickly stir in two tablespoons of yellow cake mix until it is well blended with no lumps. Remove from the heat, pull out your frozen chocolate from the freezer and layer this on top. Add a dash of sprinkles and then put it back in the freezer for another 20 minutes.

Pull it out and break into pieces and VOILA! You have made something cute, delicious and fun!

*Hopefully without burning the $%#*& white chocolate*

Pendulum - Set Me On Fire

Friday, February 4, 2011

I have a secret that isn't much of a secret at all actually. I am a closet romantic. I don't often admit nor do I talk about it because it's all so very cliche these days. For example, everyone will buy their special other red roses this Valentines Day and all the recipients will exclaim, "This is so romantic!"

Except, if EVERYONE does it, it's NOT romantic. It's cliche. It's lamesauce. Of course, I think I am just slightly partial here because for the longest time I have hated roses. Ugly, vile, thorny things. I hate em. Anyways, that's not the point. The point is, if I got roses I would probably go all cliche, but if someone were to actually hand pick me flowers from the side of the road or just surprise me with breakfast in bed I would probably swoon ten times as much as if they sent me roses. Because romance is about wanting to be with your special other just to be with them. Just to see their eyes light up when they see you. That my friends, is romance.

Let me tell you a story. When I was 13, I used to go and stay with my Grandpa in a tiny, sleepy beach town called Cayucos in California. Cayucos was full of antique stores. My Grandpa would give me twenty bucks and I would head down to the pharmacy and get a giant chocolate ice cream cone and then go antique store shopping. As I browsed through the aisles of ancient junk (and truly, it was mostly junk), I would imagine the couples who shared the furniture, the children who played with the dolls and the fine Victorian ladies who sipped from the dainty tea cups. Then I came upon a box of old cards and letters. At the top of the pile was a blank Valentines Day card from the early 1900s. I loved the simplicity of it, but when I read the poem inside I swooned. It read:

"To My Sweetheart. To My Valentine.
Tell me Sweetheart, tell me I pray,
What Gift to offer you this Day,
You have already all of my Heart,
I've never a Thought
from you apart;
And all of my Love is yours always,
so I offer you on
this Day of Days
My Heart and my Love all over again
To have and to hold
till God says when."

I still have that Valentines Day card. I told myself when I paid twenty five cents for it at the age of thirteen that I would give it to my husband on our first Valentines Day.

I'm still waiting.

"Lady GaGa vs Kat Graham Mashup: Monster vs I Want It All"

One Word: LURVE!!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love Me Tonight

Trying so hard not to be foolish

But you fill up all my voids

You’ve infiltrated my defenses

And now my will power’s destroyed

It’s in the way you say things

It’s how you make me feel

Are you feeling this connection?

Cause to me it feels so real

A friendship intertwining

The attraction was a lure

And now that I’m in the trap

There will be no cure

So pull me in and hold me tight

I can’t stop thinking about you tonight

Don’t care if it’s wrong, cause it feels so right

Common and love me, love me tonight

So pull me in and hold me tight

I can’t stop thinking about you tonight

Don’t care if it’s wrong, cause it feels so right

Common and love me, love me tonight

I can see you’re fighting

The same issues that I face

Just give into the ghost

Don’t you believe in fate?

I may be wrong

But I’m perfectly fine with it

There’s love in the air

So let’s intertwine with it

So pull me in and hold me tight

I can’t stop thinking about you tonight

Don’t care if it’s wrong, cause it feels so right

Common and love me, love me tonight

So pull me in and hold me tight

I can’t stop thinking about you tonight

Don’t care if it’s wrong, cause it feels so right

Common and love me, love me tonight

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

Hi, my name is Jessi and I have an addiction to Sprinkles. The first step is admitting you have a problem. The next step is to consume as many sprinkles as is humanly possible.

Yes, I am aware this is cheating. You can't see it right now, but I am making my "I care" face.

You know what this would be really good with? ...Anything.

This, ladies and gentleman is the appropriate frosting to cake ratio. Amen.

Funfetti Cake Recipe:
1 Box Yellow Cake Mix <---cause I'm a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!
1/4 cup sprinkles
2 eggs (Note: when I made this I only used 1 egg, but I think there should be 2 for better cohesiveness)
1 tblsp vanilla extract
1 c water (if you really want a mouth-gasm, replace half the water with heavy cream)
1 c butter (none of that fake shit, you need the real stuff. TRUST ME. Would I ever lie to you? Bwhaha).
Mix all ingredients together then bake for 35 minutes in 9 inch round pan at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

3/4 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1 tblsp vanilla extract
3 egg whites
1/4 cup boiling water

Mix the sugar, baking powder, egg whites and vanilla extract together. Boil the water and then add to the mix. Beat with a high speed electric mixer for 5 to 7 minutes or until frosting is fluffy.
(Frosting recipe was taken from here).

"Keep walking, though there’s no place to get to.
Don’t try to see through the distances. That’s not for human beings.
Move within, but don’t move the way fear makes you move.
Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened.
Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading. Take down a musical instrument.
Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chin Up

You try to make a decision
But it cuts you like a knife
Darling don’t be discouraged
You live n’ learn, it’s all apart of life

You’re walking home in the dark
With the rain pouring all around
Cars splashing sheets of water at you
You feel less than the dirt on the ground

But keep your chin up
It’s not always gonna be this bad
So you didn’t win this time
At least you gave it all you had

Next time you’ll be ready
Next time you’ll be prepared
Cause when life gets you down
You refuse to be scared.

Rihanna - S&M

First of all, before you watch this video, be warned of its pornographic content. That being said, I FREAKING LOVE RIHANNA. Lol, this is awesome! Good for her! I mean on one hand I think this is above and beyond inappropriate for public television but on the other hand, good for her for breaking the mold! Good for her for being herself! And yet, there is a part of me who kinda feels like this exploits women? Then again, when she walks Perez Hilton around on a leash, I think I died laughing.

So take it as you will, but I personally love it.