Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Have I told you lately how much I love this lady?
Cause' I do.
A lot.
I miss her more than fat kids miss cake.
I would know cause I am a fat kid. :D
O hai...Iz here to stealz ur foods.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Fine Saturday Indeed.

Saturday was a busy day for me...but it was a FABULOUS day!
First I took the lil' brother and sister canoeing to a remote island...otherwise known as the Morro Bay Sandbar ;-). It counts as remote because it took an hour to paddle their asses there by myself. They pretended to help...and when they did we paddled the canoe in circles...anyways...

We had fun in the dunes...

Some of us rolled down the dunes and got sand in our face...
But mostly I spent too much time taking photos like this one.

Then there was all the food I ate...starting with this:

There was a burger there...but I honestly couldn't wait long enough to take a picture. I WAS CANOEING PEOPLE. I needed substance...

Then as if that wasn't enough I went to an amazing dinner with these two trouble makers:

Haha Jackie, I win the embarrassing photo contest. I think. Maybe.


Next to us was the biggest dog I have ever seen and he was such a lovely. I spent most of dinner petting him.

Which now that I think of it is kind of nasty because we were eating finger foods...

Oh yea and this creeper watched me eat the ENTIRE TIME. And when I got up to wash my hands and take a tinkle...he tried to steal my FISH!!! Lil' bastard. So I fed one of his friends to show him who is boss...and then 10,000 seagulls swooped in out of nowhere and everyone on the restaurant patio gave me the stank eye.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is my governor...

Warning...this has inappropriate language, but it is hilarious so WATCH IT.

"I am cumming day and night."

Lovely. Thanks Arnold.
First there was this poor child...

THEN there was this hilarious parody of that poor child...

My favorite part is where he shoves the bag in his mouth...almost peed my pants!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I want to eat in a tree!!!

THIS is so cool!

There are RESTAURANTS that are in TREE HOUSES!!! How cool would that be??? And how do they go about handicap access?? No idea. All I know is that I must check this out! I really want to eat in a tree house!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dirt Bike Mama

So awhile back my boyfriend and I took my parents quad to the desert...and I forgot all about uploading this video to show you how um, ahem, cool I am...

Today we are going to take our mini dirt bikes (think Honda 50cc's) out for a ride. I will upload a picture of my bike "Pedro" later. He is so cute!

Today's To-Do List:

1) Make new friends. I just moved three hours away from my family and friends...and I am lonely. Let's make this happen.

2) Get in some ellyptical madness work out time today...mama ate too much bacon for breakfast.

3) Make sugar cookies and bring them to work on Monday...because when you bring sweets in people associate you with good things...and want to be your friend. Read number one people. I need friends. I am a social butterfly and I need me some people time.

4) Finish my thesis...no really, I need to stop blogging now and write that darn thing already.

5) Buy a new router so I don't have to use my boyfriends shitty computer anymore. This thing SUCKS and my Mac is awesome. I miss her. So much. *tear*

I am working on my thesis...

Baaaahahaaaa! Rob Dyrdek kills me! He is so hilarious!

Also I am feeling the need for more Tokio Hotel please! Cherryrecords take note - will you PLEASE release the darn album already!!!!???

Forgot this one...


SO there is this new show on the CW (channel 5 at my house - did I mention I FINALLY got CABLE???? Magic!!!) called The Vampire Diaries. It is SO GREAT! And the Edward Cullen wannabe vampire man is FREAKING HAaaawwwwwttttt! He is so going to come make babies with me. Oh yea. He is GORGEOUS. I love when he gets all vampire-like and his eyes turn black and dangerous. I have a problem. I know, I know...

Judge for yourself - but keep your greedy hands to yourself cause he is MIiiiiiine!

(oh and apparently this is based on a book series by some other "not-Stephanie-Meyers author...guess I will have to look into these books)

(Don't judge me!)

Long Week BUT I AM BAaaaack!

Wow! It has been a really long week and I have SO MUCH to catch you up on!

1) This is awesome. Can this be my new hobby?

2) I made sugar cookies. It took three attempts and I need to adjust the baking time but I think I finally have The Maverick DOWwwwwn! In bite size form of course. That way you can eat ten cookies and not feel guilty...pictures to come once I actually get the final product to turn out like I want. Oh yea, of course I will give you the recipe...for ONE MILLION DOLLARS. I kid, I kid...kind of.

3) The new job is going well. I made deoderant and a body scrub the other day. It was really fun! I signed a non-disclosure statement so I can't tell you anymore than that...this beauty product business is very ninja-top-secret-agent.

4) Mark your calendars for November 20th ladies and gentlemen because the New Moon movie looks FANTASTIC. I was hyperventilating on my living room floor just watching the preview. Seriously amazing. (*Panting now*)

5) Anyone want to go see it with me? Jackie? Ida? It is on a Friday...I can buy tix's in advance...could be a lil' favorite cubicle reunion...Brie? You down to come to SLO? There is nothing like watching a movie with 12 million screaming 12 year olds...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This morning I said goodbye to the central coast...

and hello to new beginnings.

*Update: First day at the new job was less than optimal...good news is tomorrow can ONLY get better*

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love these boys. Love them.

Sigh. Marry me? I kid, I kid...I have a boyfriend silly!


Today my co-workers threw me a goodbye luncheon to bid me adieu on my way to my new career. It was the single most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me - and yes I cried and blubbered like the silly woman I am. NONETHELESS, I just wanted to write this down:

Jackie- you are the most amazing person. I am continually impressed by your optimism, by your brilliance and by your creativity. I know this world is a crazy, scary place, but as long as you are in my world I know I can make it through. Thank you for being my rock and my stability these past few years. I so appreciate you.

Ida- you are the mother I never had. I knew the second you walked into my cubicle my world was going to change, and it changed for the better. You have done so much for me right down to planning my goodbye luncheon. I don't even know how to repay you for your kind words, for all of your counsel and for being my friend. You will always be the wild one, and I love that about you. I live vicariously through your travels and your wild experiences, and I hope to one day be half the woman you are.

To the County of San Luis Obispo and to all of my amazing co-workers: thank you for helping me grow, thank you for being my friend and thank you for helping pay my college tuition for the past three years. You will always be in my heart...and on my resume :D.

Surprise! You're on CANDID CAMERA!

How cute is this???

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


A synopsis of my weekend:

1) I moved more sh*t to the new house
2) I finally found a job (an exciting one too). I was beginning to think a job was like a leprechaun.
3) I found my dog like this:
Apparently, this is a comfortable sleeping position. I tried it myself without the same results. Don't worry, there are NOT any pictures.

4) OH, and I got attacked by a chicken through a glass window: