Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dear Gym Crush,

It’s the spilt dinner on my linoleum floor,
A smashed finger in the front door,
Laundry that just won’t dry,
It’s the crack I tripped over as I walked by,
I could brush all of these little tragedies away,
If I just had the guts to talk to you today…

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall's Chase

You’re the cold dew in the morning
That soaks my shoes as I walk by,
The familiar unease that quickens my heart
At the sight of a square jawline,

You’re the clanking sound of weights at the gym,
The musty smell of too many bodies around me
As I watch for your towering form.

You are honey brown eyes that warm a room,
You’re an ice cold demeanor cloaking teddy bear cuddles,
You’re the infiltration of all my awareness,
The potent alcohol that leaves me muddled.

You’re the smile that caught me off guard,
An elusive dream I’ve held onto during
The heat of another long humid summer,
My only constant in a land full of thunder.

And when fall chases away our summer,
I’ll continue to build my courage,
So that by December’s first frost,
This crush I’ve built won’t be lost.