Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

My Grandma told me a long time ago

The only person you can count on is you

I never wanted to believe her

I never wanted it to be true.

Every year brings more epiphanies

More growth, some from harsh truths

As I struggle to soak it all in and learn

I long for the optimism of youth

The blissful ignorance

Of years yet to come

When love was an eternal pool

My imagination pulled from

It is not yet my time

To know all the reasons why

I’m not ready to settle down

My spirit is still on the fly

The possibilities are still endless

But one truth is now known

I cannot place my happiness on another’s shoulders

I alone make my house a home

This epiphany I have found

Though I still hope and pray

To find another solution

By the next Valentines Day.

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