Monday, February 7, 2011

True love is knowing and accepting someone for who they are, not who you want them to be. If you think you can change someone then you are on the wrong course, if you are lowering your personal standards because you are lonely, don't be an idiot, the right person will find you eventually, just have some patience. Fate works in mysterious ways, but it almost never works in the ways that you want. Just trust in yourself, learn who you are and what you need to be happy and enjoy the growing process. Eventually when you are the person you are meant to be you will find your other.

Don’t get attached you silly girl

You’re superfluous to his world

Don’t ignore the rules, just play your part

The problem with this is you have from the start.

You don’t fully know him

So don’t imagine that you do

You cannot possibly have seen all he is

And it’s too soon for him to have shown you

And yet you jump into the water

Straight up to neck deep

You expose yourself so willingly

To the lion you are the sheep

You think you know what you are doing

But the cycle is repeating itself again

You let yourself read more into his actions

When to him you’re only a friend

So keep your feet planted in reality

Don’t get lost in the allusion of a dream

If you follow the mirage you’ve created

Loneliness will be all you achieve

You’re the only idiot here

So gather up your nerve

Sometimes you have to forget what you want

And remember what you deserve.

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