Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Poem Meant to Capture the Desperation of a Crush.

My heart is bleeding today because I know you're fading away,
It's so close that I can see the whisper of my dream but I can't reach out enough to grasp the seam.

So I slip down this gentle slope,
And fall a lover's death because even though I am right here,
You haven't seen me yet.

How can I be so drawn and barely be heard by someone so beautiful that it makes me feel absurd?

I'm just another ripple in the pond.
I'm searching through the murky water but you won't stay for long.
And I'm drowning in my hope, engulfed by all my fears.

I'm putting out the fire with plenty of my tears...
You'll never see what we could be because you'll never know the sunlight through the rain.
You'll walk right by with an umbrella,
The mask of all of my pain, while I pine what should be mine in a perfect world.
All the while you will continue thinking I'm an ordinary girl.

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