Friday, October 27, 2017

Love is the best choice

It’s a beautiful thing, to let hope grow,
It’s a beautiful sound, so let it flow,
Our little conversations extend for hours,
As we build this foundation, it’s like the world knows,
Because I can hear the rainbow whispering your name,
And I can feel the wind as it says the same thing,
And the sun is shining brighter because it knows your voice,
The truth of it all is love is the best choice, love is the best choice.


Why crawl when you can fly,
Oh my dear don't fall prey to the past,
Welcome back from the dead,
Cause you always rise again,
And maybe you were lost for a minute,
But now take a look at this,
She's done with her metamorphosis,
Yeah, take a look at this,
She's done with her metamorphosis.