Monday, September 13, 2010

...and in her eyes, heart and mind
one thought, its kept her blind,
and so she walked on through her days
not knowing that it was all a maze.

A trap the keepers
make to blind you
a path the known
uses to find you.

Some say the futures made of the past
and the years feel slow but fly by fast
so build yourself a happy bubble
and pray it keeps you out of trouble.

If you let
life take your all
you are destined
but to fall.
Fickle fiction let it rot
mold and mud see what its got
nothing left to hold together
see I told you nothings forever!

Busy body feel my fury
see you scuttle trip and scurry
nothing is what it seems
so keep your thoughts off my dreams

So I want it for my own
but you can't force a home
remember to last forever
you have to build everything together.

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