Monday, February 28, 2011

I could have stayed.

I could have stayed so easily

It’s easier to stay in your comfort zone

Than it is to face adversity.

I could have worked things through

I could have continued to pretend

That I was in love with you,

I’m so close now, as a matter of fact

It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come

When I turn around and look back.

So many days I spent crawling

In a pit of despair

But I built myself a foundation

Test it if you dare

I remember the days I spent

Feeling lowly and weak

Didn’t have a penny

My lows were at their peak,

But I had a dream and a vision in my mind

And I’ve been on this one solitary path

To everything else I’ve been blind.

I could have taken the easy route,

I could have chosen to stay.

We would have still ended though

And I couldn’t have stopped my family from moving away.

So I thank my beautiful maker

And my passion to see this thing through

It goes to prove that the only person you should ever follow is you.

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