Sunday, May 12, 2013

Best Version Ever (Poker Face)

I wish I could embed this video...but since that isn't working out you'll just have to trust me and follow the link.  :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013


You’re the cold dew on the grass that soaks my shoes as I run by,
The nervous chattering of squirrels clinging to limbs after failed flight,
The clanking of weights not racked right,
A long sigh heard over turned up headphones,
A shaky, jittery, nervousness that I feel deep in my bones,
Those long days listening to my obligations tick by,
You’re a release of excitement when it’s finally that regularly scheduled time,
Another chance to overcome disappointment if I cannot find my voice,
A combination of delusions that you want to make that choice,
A sidelong glance as sweat drips down my eye,
You’re the motivation to keep going, you’re my inner drive.

Wishful Thinking

Lofting away in my wishful thinking,
Melting into the ice that you're drinking,
Conjuring an all-consuming and ridiculous, blind-passion,
Until reality asked fate to serve me in rations,
Missing that Earth shattering, life-changing, devouring love,
Don't misunderstand, it's not for you that I strove,
What I long for has nothing to do with our downfall,
I just wish I could feel that way again at all.