Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Dreams are a watery existence…flowing through the world with life…slowing down as they turn into slush with winter. Here they showcase their beautiful framework, a plan in the shape of billions of flakes, crystalized structures frozen in orbs while the world turns white. Only to reappear as it warms again in a form workable for the world. Just because it slows down for a season, doesn’t mean it’s over. Your dream will flow again, even when frozen for a season. And even in that…isn’t it still breathtaking?

Friday, March 9, 2018

Random Musings Whilst Traveling

This place where I travel is a visual dream. An endless stream of consciousness that is breathing as the world watches. Creating and blooming new images, billions and trillions per second, faster than nature could have ever imagined. A digital creation of floral excellence turned into forums of hatred and sadness. This isn’t what we meant it to be. Welcome to my virtual reality.•

If dreams were a soft wood, I would carve them in color. Just to taste the future would be ecstasy. Like a skittle, sometimes sour but always sweet in the end. There are never enough in the bag for everyone but with enough money you could buy enough bags for the world. Back to carving wood, I want to make new patterns with you. Carve out our own design that will leave an impression, an imprint into the fabric of the world. Paste it on the wall for all to see but also in a beautiful corner where I can protect it. Our own painting, not theirs. They want to tell us what to draw. What to carve. What wood to carve it into. What works for them might be different for us. Why can’t we just carve our own space?•

I want to walk in the woods today. Start my own adventure. Watch the light patterns fall through the leaves into the ground where thousands of confusing tendrils reach for the sky in desperation. Some flaunting their colors and grand appearance, while others hide in their shade. I can smell the earth as thousands of unseen movers recreate life from death, releasing their own mark of beauty all around me. It smells like new beginnings. It smells like earth and quiet forest pathways. There is a slight nip to the air that makes every gap of warm light all the more enjoyable. I love the way the rays feel on my skin, like the only warmth in the world is here, but only made available in microscopic patches so you can’t get greedy about it. You have to share it with the upper canopy, the high reachers. The ones at the top. Those with a deeper need for green. I can appreciate that.•

Sometimes when I realize how I learn and that maybe I am a little clever, I think of you. Your sparkling eyes and how quickly you talk and observe everything around you. The energy that flows from your frame as you stay busy. I miss you. I want to call you and tell you that I miss you. I remember your hands deftly slicing carrots across the counter. I watched, mesmerized that the knife got so close to your skin but never pierced the flesh. Your house always smells like steamed broccoli. Memories of you flood my brain, all food-based with a glass of milk at the end. ‘It helps with digestion,’ you’d say. Your nails were always obnoxious, like your d├ęcor. Always loud colors and fifty years behind the times, but you loved it. Flamingos, kaolas, hot pink. Seasonal window knickknacks and an antique casino slot machine that gave out rolls of candy instead of tokens. Your collection of dangly earrings visible through beaded doorways that pulled at your mullet. You finally sold the giant van. You gave me vegetables instead of cookies, but it felt like love to me. You always turned the heater onto the floor vents for me in the car when the convertible would make me shiver. I miss you, Grandma. 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Love is the best choice

It’s a beautiful thing, to let hope grow,
It’s a beautiful sound, so let it flow,
Our little conversations extend for hours,
As we build this foundation, it’s like the world knows,
Because I can hear the rainbow whispering your name,
And I can feel the wind as it says the same thing,
And the sun is shining brighter because it knows your voice,
The truth of it all is love is the best choice, love is the best choice.


Why crawl when you can fly,
Oh my dear don't fall prey to the past,
Welcome back from the dead,
Cause you always rise again,
And maybe you were lost for a minute,
But now take a look at this,
She's done with her metamorphosis,
Yeah, take a look at this,
She's done with her metamorphosis.

Friday, July 7, 2017

European Cookie Notice

Hello friends,

This blog uses cookies to track how may people view the blog and where in the world the views come from (it only tells me the country, not your actual location).  Just wanted to give notice with the new privacy policies in the EU that I use google analytics to see if people actually look at what I am doing here...and according to those stats I am writing for myself, HA!  Still wanted to put the notice up just in case :).

Happy day to you all!


The Savior Is Here To Stay

Once upon a time,
There was a fair maiden,
Who called out in the blue,
She said where are you???
But only darkness replied,
And filled her void with lies,
Until sunlight, she despised.

But rejoice a savior comes,
And lifts the beautiful maiden up,
He says you are full of life,
Won’t you be my wife, oh love of mine!
And her heart warmed with light,
And she loved with all her might,
This is where her story began,
Walking alongside this glorious Man.

She sang, won’t you stay with me?
I will give you everything!
My voice, my heart, my thoughts are yours,
Just stay by my side, say you won’t run and hide,

He sang, love of mine, I give you my life,
For you are forever mine!
I will never leave your side!
You heart is safe with mine!

And glorious light abounds!
Their love, it knows no bounds!
Come trials, come what may,
For the savior is here to stay!

For the savior is here to stay!


And you, you stole the key to my heart,
Just a small compartment,
Nothing to write home about,
But this nagging sensation leads me to pray,
So I beg and I beg that these thoughts go away.

Oh, redemption is sweet,
Yes His grace is divine,
He gives the promise,
Of a renewed mind,
So I hope and I pray,
That we will see that day.
Yes, I hope and I pray,
That we will see that day.

He lifts me higher and higher,
With his testing fires,
I know we are all lost,
So I keep reaching higher and higher…
Memories threaten to hold me down,
But I keep reaching higher and higher,
Hold my hand through the fire,
I’m holding tighter to a book,
Written forever ago,
Won’t you take a look,
It could help you, you know?

Oh, redemption is sweet,
Yes His grace is divine,
He gives the promise,
Of a renewed mind,
So I hope and I pray,
That we will see that day.
Yes, I hope and I pray,
That we will see that day (2x).

Yes, I hope and I pray,
That through the testing,
You are purified,
Let Him be glorified…

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Welcome to the land of icelandia,
Where Queens hold up their shields,
and the wind hits your face with a chill,
Can't quite get warm here, can you?

The ice queen straightens her crown,
a warmth of shame on her cheeks,
from when she let her shield down,
strangers are no longer welcome here.

Why's this place like the land of the blue?
Where you can't find suitors
to properly court you?
What good is an empty court?

Daddy Knows Best

What do you say at the end of the fall
When you can’t say a word
Cause it hurt so bad?
It’s bittersweet, isn’t it love?
To be protected from what’s wrong but to know he’s not the one…
So what do you say when you’ve said it all
When it hurts so bad at the end of the fall…
But it wasn’t enough, so what do you say?
Cause you gave your all but it wasn’t enough…

So take these pains, Lord, I give them to you,
Cause it hurts so bad to watch another one fall,
But Daddy knows best, but Daddy knows best…
He takes what’s not mine and he holds my heart and says
Daughter in good time  will give you what your heart desires
Do you trust me, my dear? Do you trust me, my dear?
To turn away from your fear?
So He calls me a little bit longer, He calls you to wait a little bit longer,
And you feel your spirit growing stronger,
So you sing, Daddy knows best! Daddy knows best!
I will wait for you! I will wait for you! 
Cause Daddy knows best!
And I’ve got all of the time in the world for you, I’ve got all of the time in the world for youuuuu.
He says, I’ve got 7,000 more in line, so give me your time daughter, I’ll make it worth your wait,
I’m strengthening your spirit, darling, Daddy knows best!!
Oh, Daddy knows best…
I’m strengthening your spirt as I make you wait, lean into me don’t be afraid, Daddy knows best!
And you strengthen me in my weakness, I lean into you for your strength, and we soar together like eagles, I’ll never grow weary, I’ll never grow tired cause if God is for me then who can be against me?
Cause Daddy knows best…Daddy knows best…and I’ve got all of the time in the world for you…

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I had a dream to change the world
One mind at a time
To create opportunities for a generation
That asks for a mentor and a friend
But you, you make it impossible
With your excessive loopholes
Misguided regulations and pessimistic attitude
You’ve created a parade of administrators
That spend their days dreaming up ways
To make opportunities impossible
You deny the creative and suppress the driven
New ideas are demolished and critiqued until
They’ve been re-spun into the same old tunic
That you’ve worn since you started in 1918. 
Let me teach.
Let me help my students.
Let me give them job opportunities.
Stop halting progress while preaching innovation,
Step aside and let me do my job.