Friday, December 3, 2010

Class of 2002

The envelope at my door

is another painful reminder

that I couldn’t make it work

I tried so hard to be your everything

but in the end it just all collapsed on me

and now I have run to the ends of the earth

but your memory won’t let me be

When I close my eyes I see our memories

when I try to touch someone else

I can feel you touching me

I jump awake in the night

in a cold sweat of fright

cause I’m haunted by you

What have I done??

What if you were the one

and I never get this chance again

what if I never forget about our untimely end

and why did it seem

like we were America’s sweethearts

yeah, we were the dream

So I tear at the paper

when I see your name

and I pull out the ring

I still feel the same

It twists at my soul

and I twirl it in my hand

the gold burns my fingers

you’ll never be the man

that I dreamt you could be

and my delusions

are all that are haunting me

so I toss the envelope into the garbage can

the memories may linger

but you won’t swallow who I am.

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