Friday, December 3, 2010

Ryan Star - Start A Fire [Official In Studio Video]

Holy shistophone I LOVE THIS SONG. Doesn't it take you back to how it felt when you had your first real boyfriend?? That newly found emotional rush of a young girls crush! Love it!


  1. I really love the song too! I can't sit still when I hear it on the radio!

    Never thought to try to find a video for the song - wow! That Ryan Star is a hottie! I like the song even more now (I would dance on the hotel's unmade bed with him!!!)

    Thanks! Kara

  2. I would dance on the hotel's unmade bed with him too! He is a total babe! I am completely obsessed with this song, it is ridiculous how many times I have had it on repeat now...

    Glad you enjoyed the video! :D