Monday, September 13, 2010

Just a silly bad day poem for the pessimist in us all...

Sometimes we have bad days, today wasn't the worst day I have ever had, but it was disappointing, so I wrote this poem to capture that washed up feeling you have when you've had a bad day.

This kinda day
really wears me out
leaves me spinnin' my wheels
wonderin' what life's about.

And how can
so much go wrong
and why was I
so blind for so long?

I remember every fail
and I cannot find
a reason to be proud
and it messes with my mind.

Tears at my confidence
pulls down my defenses
until tears are all that
are left of my senses.

Tomorrow will be better
and I won't be so blue
and in ten days
I won't think about you

Had a bad day
and you can't bring a smile
give a pessimist an inch
and she'll stretch it a mile.

You used to be smart
you used to be coy
but now your fat and ugly
and can't attract a boy

and everyone forgets you
you're not memorable at all
and though you thought you had it all
you are destined only to fall

So you crawl on your knees
so bloodied and weak
too stupid to give up
your war cries now too meek

you used to be a person
but you've been swallowed by the sad
and instead of getting even
you just wallow in the bad.

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