Monday, September 13, 2010

It's easy to get consumed in self doubt, but remember, you made it this far for a reason. That's the message here:

There's a monster in my head
and she's tearing her way out
clawing at my insecurities
and ripping open all my doubt

Her green eyes are haunting me
she's jealous and enraged
and the longer I ignore the pain
the more she's engaged.

So pull the pin
and let her loose
she's coming out
I'm bulletproof.

I tell myself
that I'm just fine
hold your head high
because you're so divine.

But the monster
she eats my brain
she clouds my thoughts
rearranges whats sane.

and I become something I'm not
when I let her win and take what I got

so hold the reigns
don't devastate me
leash your beast
and levitate me.

Hold onto your sanity girl
you know what you can be
be confident in who you are
and let your brilliance be free.

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