Friday, April 23, 2010

San Pellegrino Terme, Italy

The first part of my stay was in San Pellegrino Terme. You may have heard of the fizzy water San Pellegrino? Well, this is where it comes from. This is the cutest little town on the planet and I loved it. First of all, they have PURPLE LAMPS on the streets. That alone merits an award from Jessi's world. Secondly, they make the best croissants on the planet. Oh, and the best chocolat, the best cappachino, the best pasta, polenta, wine, liquor, lemon chello...they have it all.
The end.

If you go to San Pellegrino you have to stay at Papas Hotel. It is darling, the owners name is Georgio and he is the best. They have linen towels, which I loved because it helped tame my frizzy beastly hair. :) Also, they have these little pull strings in the shower...which apparently sets off an alarm at the front desk so they call you to see if the water went cold. Lol. How cute is that???

You should know that this is a VERY SMALL town with almost nothing to do, so it really is a vacation destination that is perfect for about one or two days maximum. Then you need to thank them, eat as many croissants as possible and mosey on to the next destination. :) It is however, perfect for getting a lot of writing done because it is VERY inspiring.

More to come on Italy in a while...

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  1. By far my favorite pics from your trip and the place I'd most like to visit.