Friday, April 23, 2010

Bergamo, Italy 2010

Bergamo was about 30 minutes down the road from San Pellegrino Terme and 30 minutes from Milan, Italy. It was a slightly bigger town than San Pellegrino Terme and it had a really awesome older portion of the city. I realized that all of the streets in Italy in the downtown areas are brick or cobblestone. The only place to find asphalt or concrete is on the highways of the bigger cities.
Anyways, Bergamo should be called the capitol of sweets because they have these amazing sweet shops up and down the alleys of town. It is so cute and adorable. This is where I spent the first half of the day before I went to the Tokio Hotel Concert, than at one (or 13:00 in European time) I left for Milan.

It was a really darling place. We walked from the old city to the new part of town and did some window shopping. When I say "we" I am referring to Rosanne, whom is the wife of my boyfriends coworker. She was nice enough to do some site seeing with me while the boys were working.

Bergamo was the perfect way to kill the first half of an awesome day. :D

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