Friday, April 23, 2010

Travels with the crazy.

This song is this post's theme song. Thanks to Gabriella Cilmi and DeeJay (Italian TV Station) for playing this song every two minutes while I was in Italy. I am so hooked on it now.

So I went on this trip you see, and it was only supposed to be for seven days. It turned into 13 days. We will get to that part in a see this quest around the world was to see four boys and Humanoid City.
Yes, I am that crazy. I, Jessi Ghezzi have traveled to MILAN, ITALY from CALIFORNIA, USA to see four boys play on a stage. But these aren't just any four boys...for one, the lead singer and guitarist are twins. HOT TWINS. I happen to have a MAJOR fettish for multiples. Don't mind me. Ahem.

SO, I traveled to Italy and saw their concert in Milan, and it was officially the greatest night of my life. Tom, Bill, I want you. Thanks.

I got to the concert FOUR HOURS early, only to find myself standing in line with 4,000 fangirls who only spoke Italian. Hm. This was a problem, seeing as I spoke NO ITALIAN. Lol. So I sat there while there was a steady buzz of conversation all around me, none of which I could understand. Finally, the staff came and addressed the crowd, IN ITALIAN. So after they finished I frantically asked anyone if they could translate into English for me. Luckily, one of the fangirls Mom's spoke English. So she explained what they said and in ten minutes I went from being completely ignored and bored to having tons of friends! Everyone wanted to know where I was from, did I only come to Italy for the boys (UM, YES!) and was I staying for vacation (UM, YES!), what music did I love (other than the obvious - TOKIO HOTEL), etc., etc. So I quickly made friends and sat with them during the concert. YAY!

But this wasn't the only thing I did in Italy. Oh no. I did much, much more. :)

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