Friday, April 23, 2010

Milan, Italy Part I

It was at this point in our trip that we thought we only had one day left In Italy. We spent that one day in Milan, 45 minutes from where our flight home was supposed to take place.

We saw the Duomo, the Sforza Castle and the surrounding park. It was truly phenomenal. I thought we were ending our trip on the perfect note. You actually aren't supposed to take photos inside the Duomo, but since everyone around me was, I decided to sneak some in as well. :) Sforza castle allowed photos, and also they allowed Kenyan immigrants to harrass the shit out of you while you were trying to take pictures. I tried to be polite because they were trying to work for their money, but they were kind of rude after a while so I kinda started being rude too...anyways. I ended up with a freaking bracelet made out of string so they would leave us alone. Sigh.

Stay tuned for part II and III and IV...and whoever knows how many parts because I have 513 photos of JUST the Milan portion of my trip...

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