Saturday, April 24, 2010

The procrastination post

Um. I don't know about YOU, but I am TIRED of sorting through Italy photos and trying to remember what I did there. Yea. So this is my procrastination post. Wahaha.

So, Tyler and I are still on the wrong time zone...which is the only way that I can explain why we woke up at 3AM ON A SATURDAY MORNING. Well, there was also the airline driver who called us at 1AM then at 5AM to deliver Tyler's lost luggage. HE DROVE ALL THE WAY TO OUR HOUSE AND DROPPED OFF HIS BAG. Sweet huh? Anyways, back to our early morning shenanigans. WE WERE AWAKE AT 3AM on a Saturday, and it wasn't from partying the night before either. We just...woke up. Wide awake. Laying in bed. It was at this point that Tyler says, "We should go watch the sun rise at the poppy reserve," and then I said, "Huh. That's a crazy good idea."

And just like that, we were out of bed, getting dressed and leaving our house at 6AM.

Yeah. Were crazy like that.

We were awake before the flowers.


I am sure everyone does this. It's completely normal to run through a field of flowers at 6AM.

It is also completely normal to do the booty dance in a field of flowers at 6AM.

We are just stock full of normal...

Yep. Just your typical Saturday morning...

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