Friday, April 23, 2010

Stesa, Italy 2010

Welcome to Stresa, Italy. This is officially, my favorite part of Italy. The best part of my trip (except for the concert of course) and my future home, because they built a castle just for me...

First, this is a small town located next to Lake Maggiore. On Lake Maggiore are two Islands. Isola Pecatori and Isola Bella. Pecatori is where the food is. Isola Bella is where the castle and the second best gelato on the planet is located.

I am only going to focus on Isola Bella because really, thats all that matters. There is a castle on this island, whos history I don't know because we got there ten minutes before it closed so I literally ran from the entrance to the exit pointing my camera and clicking as I ran. Even though I was only in the castle for ten minutes, it was the BEST and most impressive part of my entire trip. YOU HAVE TO GO THERE BEFORE YOU DIE. The end.

Oh and they have white peacocks that call out like little sirens every ten minutes and I have decided I need ten for my front yard as well. Add a fountain, an acre of immaculate gardens and two or three hundred years of fine art and I will have my own Isola Bella...

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