Friday, April 23, 2010

Venice, Italy 2010

This song is the theme for this post. Press play, then read on...(=

Venice was amazing. Especially at 7AM. Why were we up at 7AM on our vacation? Well, actually we were up at 4AM. Our clocks were alllllll messed up and for some reason we just automatically woke up every day for the first week at 4AM. Not very nice.
But the cool part about waking up this early was we were first in line at breakfast...more croissants for me whahaha!
We got to Venice when it was only locals and school kids walking around in their pressed uniforms and backpacks. We saw barges of wine and cheeses brought in, and we got to see the merchants sweeping the steps of their shops with these really awesome old style brooms. I walked past rows of shops with porcelain mardi gras masks, gold gilded unicorns, blown glass and sweets. Small Italian men with large noses pulled carts through the cobblestone alleyways and the crisp smell of baking croissants mingled in the air with wet stone. Venice was amazing.
My favorite site by far was the Basilica and St. Marcas Square. WOW. The Basilica was thrilling, with about a six story roof covered in gold mosaic tiles. They didn't allow photos but I did sneak one in under super stealth mode. :)

I win.

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