Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Three years and counting :)

I started working out three years ago.  Ok, to be honest, we could go back like ten know when I would randomly put on a too-tight pair of jeans and "work out" for two weeks.  But seriously, I started working out EVERY DAY three years ago.

I squatted 185 lbs last week.  Just needed to brag about that for a minute.

Have you seen my beach ball?  I last used it over THAT way...or maybe it was over THERE.

I'm kidding.

But not about the squats, that was probably the greatest achievement I've ever made, until next week when I triumph 195 lbs.  Baby steps steps.

Anywhoozle, the point of this post is to share my two favorite workout songs this week:

That was all I wanted to say...oh yeah, and I passed my qualifying exams.  You are now reading a post written by a doctoral candidate!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!  *girly fist pump*

*humbly walks away now*

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