Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stop being a pest!

I have something to say

Please excuse me dear sir,

But you’ve been rather pushy

And acting immature

You send me little memos

Just to remind me you’re alive

Trying to make me jealous

Sir, you have way too much time

You pick at my silence

And analyze my every move

Stop looking for what doesn’t exist

I’m never going to love you

I’ve told you again and again

I just don’t feel the same

The more you badger and pester me

The more I’m gonna push you away

I tried to be just your friend

Can’t say I didn’t try to play nice

But your constant badgering

Has frozen my once kind heart to ice

I can’t fix your confidence or your attitude

And I refuse to sit here and pretend this isn’t rude

Don’t treat me like you own me, you haven’t got a clue

If anything little boy I would be owning you

I will chew you up and spit you out

And leaving you spinning in place,

If you don’t back off as requested

I will break that pretty little face.


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