Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mexican Pizza - The Bomb Dot Com

This recipe is so mind blowingly good I will give you your money back if you hate it. No I won't, I just said that so you would make it. Please make the pizza? Every time you procrastinate making this pizza, God kills a kitten. I'm serious. No I'm not. Anyways...

A handful of sauteed white onions
A handful of steamed asparagus spears
A small handful of cooked black beans (I use canned black beans)
About a cup of Mozarella (shreded or sliced, whatever you prefer)
A small handful of cooked shrimp
About half a cup to a cup of sliced mango
A very small dash of fresh chopped cilantro


FIRST, steam the asparagus, cook the shrimp and saute the onions. Chop up your mango and cilantro and set them aside for later. Open and drain the can of black beans and set them aside as well. If you want you can do all of this a day in advance and then just pull it out when you need to make the pizza.

While this is happening put a tortilla on a baking sheet. Spread a good layer of mozzarella cheese on the tortilla. Put it in the oven at 350 degrees until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is crisp (I had it in for ten minutes). Pull it out.

That's what she said.

Spread a thick layer of pesto on top of the mozzarella:

Sprinkle the black beans and the sauteed onions on top of the pesto:

Add the cilantro and asparagus tips:

Add the sliced mango and cooked shrimp:

Numz time!


This recipe was first shared with me by a band that lived in my college friends garage. I'm not even kidding. When she invited me over for dinner and told me "the band" was cooking, I had my doubts. It was more like I WAS TERRIFIED.

For starters, they played shows wearing nothing but robes, drank all the time and probably did more drugs than the Rolling Stones. So all-in-all, they were great role models...

I wonder what ever happened to that band of boys? Eh, drugs are bad kids, eat more pizza. SPEAKING OF PIZZA...HOW BOUT THAT RECIPE, EH?? What did you think? Changed your world huh? Told you so. You should listen to me more often, I'm always right. No I'm not. Just this one time. Don't tell anyone I said that.

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