Monday, March 21, 2011


This poem is about a battle I have seen so many young girls fight. It's heart breaking to watch, and impossible to bear. Love to those who are still fighting the battle.

I shouldn’t,

but I do.

I can’t change what I am.

You slice me with your razors

You cut me with your knives

Leave back your salty daggers

I don’t need this attack.

Pour lemon in my water

Put ice on the side

Slice the cucumbers on the table

Are you having a good time?

The sweat beads down my spine

I feel you growing in my skin

I taste your smell

I can hear your kin.

I shouldn’t,

But I do.

I can’t change what I am.

The storm outside is raging

It’s trying to get in

But I have my own battles to fight

I’m just dying to get thin.

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