Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When I can't get anything good out on paper, I tap into the old trusty past relationship vault of emotional resources. I definitely don't harbor any feelings for my ex-boyfriends, but its so easy to pull up old emotions and memories and write about them. I can still write poems about breakups I had in high school. I find this odd.

That was a lot of time to spend with someone

and now I’m just supposed to forget?

I don’t want you back but don’t you ever think

about the night that we met?

I try to think of you in a positive light

I wanted to be friends forever

cause that’s what people do

after that much time together

BUT not you, no not you

all I can think of is the shit you’d say

the whine in your voice

when you didn’t get your way

and the way you said my name

when you were mad

all these little reminders serve

to make me glad

that its over, oh yeah its over

thank God I’m finally rid of you

and your childish ways

your clutter, your car, your selfish reasoning

I don’t know how I lasted as long as I did

when I spent the whole relationship babysitting!

But its over, oh yeah its over

thank God I’m finally rid of you

no more ridiculous parties

no more girls calling all the time

no more ex girlfriend problems

no more drama in my life

So I won’t spend another minute

Reminiscing about our past

Cause the juries still out

on how we were able to last.

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