Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It is about that time of year when I am swamped with school and the artistic side of me goes into hiding. My writing goes to total crap and I start posting endless amounts of youtube videos and fun facts. I do not enjoy having writers block...I love when I feel intense emotions, I love when you feel something so strongly that it overflows and spills out across the paper in front of you. That however is not what is happening right now! Instead, this is the shit I am writing: :)

I know that I need a man with dignity

I need a man with respect for me

I don’t care for fancy things

and I don’t need your diamond rings

what I need is something called integrity

a man with meaning and intellectual ability

Just appreciate that I don’t apply to the norm

and I hate anyone who tries to make me conform

cause I have a bit of an independent streak

and when she’s cages she tends to freak

so appreciate me for who I am

cause I can be an amazing woman

I’m a bit of an artist and a bit of a geek

I can be fun loving or I can be quiet and meek

I am a caregiver, warm hearted, a good woman for sure

many have been trapped by my warm allure

all I ask is for faith and honesty

and for someone to be good to me.

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