Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Christmas Pub Crawl for Charity

So last night was the bar crawl for charity. Basically we gathered up a large group of people and went to like ten different bars to raise money for charity. There was a rule at each bar (like you had to list the names of Santa's reindeer, or you couldn't turn left or use hand gestures, etc.) and if you broke a rule then you had to take a shot and put a dollar in the charity box. So basically, 17 shots and $100 later I was shmmmmaaaaammmmered.
Just a small summary of what I can remember or have seen in photos taken:
-I made five dollars dancing on the bar to the Big Butt Song by Sir Mixalot. Yeah.
-I humped a wall
-I met a woman who was wearing a santa hat crown. True story. I have documented proof:

She let me wear the crown for a picture. Yes she is wearing a leopard print fur coat.

And this was one of the last pictures I took last night. My tongue is blue from all the shots of blue curacoa based drinks I had. I had a lot of blue curacoa. A LOT.

Which is why I feel so spectacular today...

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