Thursday, December 16, 2010

I have the flu and it's finals week.

I got the flu just in time for finals week, YAY! After spending the past four days CRAMMING my head full of knowledge on soil chemistry to the point of brilliance I woke up yesterday coughing and sneezing. By 9 P.M. I was feverish and slightly delusional. I started downing medicine and vitamins in an effort to stave off the beast. I just had to make it one more day until my chemistry final was over and then I could get as sick as I wanted. Unfortunately I found myself hallucinating with a fever and talking to my blinds at 4 A.M. After hacking up a lung and seeing turquoise colored ferrets running up the walls in my apartment I found it was time to take my final. I stumbled to class, opened the exam and puked out everything I have ever known. Then when I got up to turn my exam in, I fell into the table next to me.
After apologizing to the people sitting at the table, I turned in my exam and strode out of the room.

So all in all, I think it went well. You know...overall...

*Face palm*

P.S. I was hoping the ferrets would tell me the answers, they were no help at all.

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