Sunday, November 7, 2010

Let it rest.

I gave you everything
But it was never enough
To make you love me.

You weren’t ready
And I wish that I had seen
That we were just too young
And you were just too green.

Cause when I saw you
I knew that I was done
From the moment that you kissed me
You were the one

You haunt me like a ghost
I’m stuck in a wasteland
Of crowded midnight dreams
Where girls in love are terrorized
You can hear the agony in their screams

No one can save me but myself
And I’m dying to break free
But as long as I let myself dream of you
You’ll just continue haunting me
I’m trying so very hard to let you go
So I’m writing you this song
In the hopes my heart will know
That I’ve been pining for too long,
And this love was just a lie
A fabricated dream I weaved
And I wish I could let it die.

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