Sunday, November 7, 2010

I went on a real date tonight
And on the outside everything was right
But what was missing, what was off
Was that it wasn’t you.

It wasn’t you laughing at the table
Over whatever I had said
It wasn’t you kissing me
Or nudging my cheek with your head

It wasn’t you in the garden
With the rain pouring down
And when I get lost in my feelings
For you, I feel like I might drown

What if I never forget your face again
or know the way I would admire
your passion, your touch
your ever present desire

It’s like every time I close my eyes
I remember, I remember everything
About us, about you and how you make me feel
I really thought we had something,
Something real.

I guess when you commit yourself
You really can’t let go
And though I know that you’ve moved on
I just want you to know

That when I kissed him,
I thought of me and you,
So tell me when you’re with her
Does this happen to you?

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