Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Word Vomit

Believe it or not, but I am hoping this will be a rap song one day. Obviously I won't be the one singing it. Lol.

Word Vomit
That’s all I can say into this space
and that I am not into you
it’s not fair because I know what its like to hurt
like that and I hate inflicting the pain
and if I could you know I would take it all away
I hate saying this here because I know you hear it
But I have to be myself and I have to be free
And I just hope you can forgive me

So just take my word vomit
And write it down
Chew it up and spit it out
Let it marinate and let it sit
And when you can I want you to deal with it

Friendships are always tricky things
Especially when there were once feelings
And I know that you know that I will always care
But I have to keep you at a distance
Because you have to be cruel to be kind
You have to find your person and you have to find your dream
And you can’t grow emotionally if you continue
To obsess over me
So I have to let you go and I have to let you fly
And I have to pray that we can be friends
As time goes by.

So take my word vomit
And throw it in the air
Take my word vomit
And see that I care
Maybe not the way you want me to
But just know that as a friend
I will always be compassionate
I hate hurting others
And I hate causing pain
Especially when I have known the same
And I know what you’re going through
Just know that I am going through it too
Months ago someone hurt me,
They tore me right through
For years I believed a lie
And followed a pipe dream
Only to watch it come down crashing.

So take my word vomit
And see my pain
And know that there will come a day
When we find ourselves as whole
And find someone
That fits our mold.

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