Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Part 7

“I can’t wait to touch the water!” I was running full speed through the sand, peeling off articles of clothing as I sprinted towards the crystal water before me.
“She is a crazy person.” Tom was trudging behind Bill.
“Can you put sunscreen on my shoulders?” Bill was squinting at Tom and handing him the Banana Boat.
I however, was already knee deep and wading through crystal clear, warm ocean water. As soon as the water hit my waist I dove into the soft surf. I felt my hair fan around my head as I spurred onward, kicking my feet through the warm water. Finally when my lungs felt like they were going to burst, I came back to the surface with a deep inhale.
“LOOK OUT!” I could hear the twin’s frantic shouts from shore. I merrily turned back to them, blinking the salt water out of my blurry eyes and squishing the water from my nose.
“SHARK!!!” I could see them frantically hopping about now, pointing around me. My heart sunk and I spun around and started frantically peddling towards shore.
Gasping for breath and clutching my side I ran out of the water and up the beach.
“Oh my god, wha-
I stopped mid-sentence when I saw they were laughing hysterically.
“You should have seen how fast you swam ashore!”
“I have never seen someone move so fast!”
“You are both such assholes.” I didn’t even know if there were sharks here. My heart was still pounding and I could feel my face turning red as I cleaned the water out of my ears.
They were chattering and laughing in German, probably about blubbery personal assistants as shark bait. Brats.
Then I noticed that their skin was still wet from the freshly applied sunscreen. Both boys were laying on clean beach towels, ever so careful to avoid the sand. After all, there was nothing worse than getting covered in sand after a fresh application of sunscreen.
Two could play this game. I knelt down while they were giggling and scooped up some sand.
“Oh boys?”
Two pairs of somber hazel eyes were starring at my sand filled palms.
“You wouldn’t da-
Bill didn’t get to finish his sentence. I through the sand all over their torsos and took off running for the water as I heard a string of squeals and curses behind me.
I had almost made it to the shore when Tom’s strong hands wrapped around my waist and Bill’s hands clutched my feet. Before I knew it, I was being carried, face down, ass in the air. Bill had my legs and Tom had me slung under an arm. They marched me right back to their camp.
“What shall we do with this traitor Tom?” Bill was shaking his locks out of his eyes while I tried to squirm out of their grasp.
“I don’t know little brother, she is your assistant.” Tom shifted me so that my weight was set on his hip, “maybe she needs a spanking!” He winked as he raised a hand over my exposed bum.
“Don’t you dare Tom Kaulitz! You will rue the day you start that war with me!” I started giggling. This was so ridiculous. I was arse in the air between two gorgeous twin rockstars, in the Maldives. How could I endure such torture?
“I have an idea.” Bill’s smile wiped mine clean off my face. This was not going to be good.
“Oh yeah? What is that little brother?”
“Let me take this little trickster and show her a lesson.” Bill picked me up from Tom’s grasp and then the world was tilting and I was being slung over his boney shoulder. Then the ground was tilting up and down as he waltzed down the beach with all 100 pounds of me over his shoulder.
“Bill Kaulitz, what are you doing?” I was laughing now, laughing through the pain in my stomach from his shoulder.
“Oh, nothing.” Bill was happily humming as he waltzed along the dock that lead to the cabana we had rented.
Then we were walking out along the deck past the cabana.
“Bill? Don’t you dare throw me off the end of this thing, Bill Kaulitz, oh my god!” I startled wiggling with all my might and laughing in fear as I realized what he was doing.
“That has to be a twenty foot drop! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I won’t ever do it again!” I was writhing now, but his grip was firm and we were nearing the end.
Then he stopped. I wrenched my head around to peer past his shoulder. Sure enough, here we were at the end of the pier. Bill started to pull me off his shoulder.
I wasn’t about to let this happen.
I wrapped my legs around his torso and slung my arms around his neck. My face was buried in his hair. My protests were muffled but I wasn’t giving up without a fight.
“You little weasel. Fine. Two can play that game!”
Then Bill wrapped his arms around me, stepped off the edge of the pier and turned his head to get away from my ear piercing scream as we fell to the warm waters below.
We stayed locked in each other’s embrace until we hit the water. I felt the rough impact of the ocean surface slap against my thighs, lower back and arms as we made contact. I could feel the prickly sting along my limbs from the surface impact as I opened my eyes and kicked my feet until I was oriented towards the surface again.
Bill and I broke surface at the same time, gasping for air and laughing hysterically.
“You – are – such – a – jerk!” I sputtered between gasps. He just giggled and paddled backwards, facing me with a teasing smile all the way back to shore. When I got to waist height in the water I started splashing water at Bill who ducked and laughed.
“Hey! Are you two idiots done yet?” Tom was laughing at the shoreline waiting with towels. “I am ready for a drink!”
Bill and I shared another laugh and trudged ashore.


“You should have seen her face Tom!” Bill was laughing between bites of fruit. He stopped to take a sip of wine and then dazzled me with a wide smile.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I shook my head and smiled down at my plate, he was breathtaking in the soft light.
“I couldn’t figure out what you were doing and then you were walking along the dock and I was just laughing, then when she was squirming - so funny!” Tom was smiling just as wide as his twin reminiscing about our afternoon plunge.
We had taken dinner to go and were sitting on the deck of the cabana, surrounded by darkness and glowing tikki torches. The stars were out in full and the only sound aside from our laughter was the soft lapping of the waves against the pier footings. It was a perfect night.
“You guys better watch out, this is a full on war now.” I winked across the table at Bill, who just laughed through another bite of pineapple.
“Oh, I am so scared!” Tom faked a shudder and started laughing with his twin again.
It was perfect watching them so happy and relaxed. They were carefree, blissful and happy. I wanted to drink in this memory.
“So what is in store for us tomorrow boys?” I wasn’t used to asking them for the schedule, usually I was the one making the plans and keeping our appointments. They had insisted on planning everything for the vacation and keeping it a surprise.
“Well, we thought we would take a boat out and go snorkeling –
- We rented a charter. We can relax by the beach with some cocktails afterwards and maybe sit in the hot tub in the evening.” Bill finished Tom’s sentence.
“Sounds perfect!”
What could be better than spending a gorgeous day in the Maldives with two gorgeous rockstars? If I had known how exciting our charter was going to turn out, I would have opted to stay in.


“We are stranded.” The boat captain was somberly explaining to us after finishing his S.O.S. call to the mainland.
“Great, only we could end up stranded in the middle of the ocean.” Tom was laughing to himself as he settled back against the plush seats with his iPod. He closed his eyes as he relaxed into whatever song was playing.
“How long until someone is able to come out and tow us back to shore?” I was hoping he wasn’t going to say soon. I was perfectly happy being stuck out here in the warm sun with two shirtless rockstars. I was in no rush to go anywhere. In fact, I was all for starting another Gilligan’s Isle.
“Maybe an hour?” The captain paid me little attention in his answer as he made his way back inside his tower and shut the door.
“Tom, I need more sunscreen.” Bill was looking at Tom who was already asleep in the sun with his headphones on.
“Here, I can get that.” I grabbed the bottle from Bill and squeezed a warm glob on my hand. Let’s be honest here, I have been dreaming of this moment for weeks. I tried to stifle my blushing ear-to-ear grin as I slathered him with sunscreen. First I rubbed the lotion across his shoulders, then down his arms, his back and across his shoulder blades. I was in heaven. I was about to ask if he wanted a second application when a horn blasted to the left and we both jumped to attention.
“Ahoy! I hear you need a tow into shore!” My heart sank as a familiar voice rang out. This was not happening.
“Yay, we are saved!” Bill gave a little hop and clapped his hands as he ran over to wake Tom up.
I however, stood stock still with my jaw hanging open as my ex boyfriend pulled his boat up to ours.

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