Thursday, October 28, 2010

To see is a beautiful thing.

I remember skipping rocks
on the water in Italy
You were the silent type
I always thought it was good for me.

I’m on a journey
to find out who I am
I spent five years with you
an experience for which I’m glad

Don’t I wish it had worked out better
and that we had stayed together

I stripped myself of everything
and left it all behind
and now I’m walking an emotional desert
because you left me feeling blind

So I search myself
and I try to sit up tall
because when you lose yourself
it’s a long way to fall

So the leaves are turning with the fall
seems like the Earth is mourning
the loss of it all, and I welcome the rain
because it washes away my pain
when I run as fast as I can
I can see your face taunting who I am
and I know in time, I will find
that I won’t see you at all.

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