Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've kinda had writers block for the last few days. But here is Part 12 of my story...

“I look like a snow monster.” My best friend was shaking her head at my analysis.
“Maybe we should lose the puffy sleeves?” She suggested.
“Why do I have to wear a white dress again? It seems so traditional; it seems so boring. I want to do something completely different, something original. I am marrying a rock star, maybe I should wear black and come in on a black horse!” We erupted in a fit of giggles.
It was hour three of wedding dress shopping and I was not amused. I looked down at my purse when I heard Bill’s ringtone playing.
“Hi…I need you.” I giggled into the phone. It had been three months since he had proposed and it had been pure insanity. The paparazzi had descended upon us like a swarm of bee’s since the news got out, the fandom had erupted in happiness and well wishes, and I was madly in love with Bill.
“Hi, where are you?” I loved his sweet voice.
“I am surrounded by a white blizzard of fabric. Ugh.” I rolled my eyes at the phone as the dressing assistant started to unlace the back of the frilly dress.
“Hm. What cuts have you tried?” This is one of the many reasons why I love him. He can talk fashion, and frankly I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t dress shopping with him, he could probably pick a dress out better than I could. I gave him the run down on the eighteen dresses I had tried on.
“Bill? Can you just come shopping with me? It would be so fun. Please?”
I could hear his soft laugh through the phone.
“You know it’s bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the wedding. I have faith in you.” I heard him mumble something to Tom, who laughed in reply.
“Hey, no making fun! You tell Tom I’m ordering him a pink tux.” I laughed back.
“Tom, be nice to my fiancé or she’s ordering you a pink tux.” I heard him chiding Tom, then I heard him laughing in return. My heart always skipped a beat when he referred to me as his fiancé, the sound of his laugh just topped off the giddiness.
“Ok my love, I am being rude talking to you while they unbutton me. I will be over in an hour or so.” I smiled into the receiver, imagining him pacing around the living room on the phone.
“Ok, hurry, I have a surprise for you. Love you, bye.” He rushed through the last part and hung up before I could harass him about the surprise.
“He is so evil!” I laughed as I closed my phone.
“What?” My best friend was smiling at me, I could tell she thought we were nerds.
“He has a surprise for me when I get home. He knows I am going to rush right there because I can’t handle not knowing. The brat.” I was practically dancing out of my dress with excitement.
“You have never been very patient.” She laughed.
The wedding was in six months, and my best friend had been amazing about helping me plan all the details. Bill had hired a coordinator, but we still had a lot of work to do.
We crammed into my car and drove towards the hills where the Twin’s house was hidden. I punched in the security code and pulled down the driveway, as I had been doing for months. When I pulled into the circular drive and parked, Bill walked out of the house to greet us.
I ran up and threw my arms around him, smothering his cheek with kisses.
“I missed you all day!” I mumbled as I nuzzled his neck. He wrapped his hands around me, kissing my cheek.
“Missed you too. How was dress shopping, did you find the one yet?”
“Eh. I don’t like it, it’s so boring and traditional. I want something different. I’m not sure where to go now.” I looked up into his eyes, making my breath catch when I felt the intensity of his gaze.
“She made me watch her try on like a gazillion dresses Bill. I think it’s your turn to take over dress duties.” My best friend trudged past us. She was used to our excessive displays of happiness. It didn’t faze her anymore, she just opened the front door and marched inside to find Tom.
“So what is this I hear about you surprising me?” I looked up at Bill through my lashes. I didn’t like the idea of him spending money on me, but I did love surprises.
“Mmmm, I haven’t decided when to show you.” Bill replied with a teasing smile.
“Oh that’s just mean!” I grinned up at him and stomped my foot.
“Did you just stamp your foot?” Bill was laughing now.
“No. Yes. Maybe.” I was laughing too.
He stopped my laughter with a gentle kiss and tugged at my hands as he led me around the side yard.
“So you want to see your surprise then?” Bill was smiling over his shoulder at me as he pulled me along the path through the garden.
“Not if it cost money, was it free?” I smiled hopefully at him.
“Sure. It was free. For you.” Bill laughed to himself.
My heart sunk as he led me towards the courtyard where they had Tom’s cars.
“Please tell me you are giving me Tom’s R8.”
“Sorry dear, our future children wouldn’t fit in Tom’s R8.” My stomach did a flip flop at his mention of future children. Babies. Bill’s babies. Bill wanted to make babies with me. My breath started coming in short little hiccups when Bill stopped walking and smiled back at me.
“Are you ready?”
“No.” I nervously laughed. I was excited about the surprise but still mentally shocked over the idea of having children with Bill.
Bill took out a small device that opened the garage doors in front of us. Before he pressed the button his phone started going off. He frowned as when he looked at the number.
“Sorry sweetie, I need to take this.” He kissed my forehead as he accepted the call.
“Hello.” I could hear the distant sound of another voice on the line. Bill’s eyebrows furrowed as an expression of anger took over his face.
“What do you mean, married.” My stomach did another flip flop. Bill shifted the phone to his other ear as he gave an exasperated sigh. He switched into fluent German and started bantering angrily on the phone. He was pacing in front of the garage, growing more and more agitated as the conversation progressed. He gave a curt reply and hung up the phone call. I shrunk away from the expression he fixated on me.
He stalked up to me, rage all over his features. With his hands clenched and his eyes boring into mine, he asked,
“Is there anything you think you ought to tell me? Cause now would be a good time to get it in the clear.”
My heart was hammering in my chest. I had no idea what was going on, but I had never seen Bill like this and I was terrified. I slunk back and wrapped my arms around myself defensively.
“I don’t know-
He cut me off by turning around and walking away. He wrenched open the door to the house and turned around to address my still frozen self in the driveway.
“You might have mentioned that you are married, Jessi.” Then he slammed the door.

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