Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Verbal Verbatum. Verbal Vomit. Word Whizzing. Call it whatever you like.

Part of the fun
Is the yearning
I’m used to getting what I want
So I guess I’m still learning

How about I never tell you
I prefer your silly side
Or that I check you out
When you walk by

You want to point
something out to me
But your arm is flexing
And I can’t breathe.

And no I never listen
To a damn thing you say
I’m too focused on the
rhythm of my heart racing away.

And these are my secrets
I will never tell or show
Because I’m enjoying my freedom
So I don’t want you to know

I prefer friends to lovers
Though I’m sure you see
Because you’re the kinda guy
Who has women falling at your feet

I’m just crushin’ on a boy
With muscles, charm and wit
And all the girls are fawning
On him and he’s loving it.

I watch him drink it up
I watch him play the game
I’ve already been down this road
So I choose not to play.

So live it up charmer
You’ve got the time
Enjoy yourself
Because you’re divine

I'm enjoying my seat
while I play as a friend
Remember, she who knows her cards
Always wins in the end.

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