Monday, October 25, 2010


So tell me was that love
because it felt so right
when you told me your secrets
and your feelings that night

Opened your heart
opened your mind
and let our souls

I remember the rush
I remember the pain
the look in your eyes
when I turned away

it’s for the best
even though I know
you’re my soulmate
and I didn’t want to go

sometimes people have to spread their wings
and grow apart before things can change
and if this is really meant to be
then I know you will come back to me

But until then I will open my mind
Search my heart and seek to find
a fit, a match, a pair
someone with which to share
myself and all that I am
but who will be that man?

Time will be the determining factor
I dream of a happily ever after
when all the pain will melt away
and I will make a positive change
leave this caterpillar behind
to become a beautiful butterfly.

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