Monday, April 5, 2010

Whew. That was a lot.

I've always loved the ocean. I have also always been terrified of getting eaten by a shark. You see, things always happen to me that would only happen to say one in a million people. I am ALWAYS that one in a millionth person. Luckily, I have been impossible to kill so far...ahem (frantically knocks on wood). Now you see why sharks, plane rides and lightning storms scare me?

When I was in high school I got some freakish infection that one in a million people supposedly get from dust particles. It attacked my organs, I had a team of 14 doctors trying to diagnose me. I almost died. The only reason I am alive is because the night I went into shock (also the night the doctors told my parents I was dying three feet away from me) and was rushed into surgery is the night that Dr. Colton was on call. He immediately knew what was wrong. He saved my life when I was only 17. I count this as life number 1.

Then when I was on an internship in Texas, there were these crazy lightning storms, and while we had cattle tied up to the fence one of them got struck by lightning. I say that's too close for comfort. This doesn't count as life number 2, but I just wanted to tell you a cool story.

Last April whilst taking the birth control pill like most women on this planet, I suffered a minor stroke. The only reason it wasn't a major stroke (or so I am told, I was a little out of it at the hospital) is because 1) it happened at a doctors office and 2) said doctor had given me blood pressure medication the day before and blood thinners, just in case what I was experiencing was more than a "migraine." I love him. He saved my life. I count this as life number 2.

My near death experiences weren't as tramatic as the ones you see on Oprah, but I can tell you, being 25 years old and knowing that you shouldn't be here is a guaranteed way to make you appreciate life.

Let's make it a great Monday, alright?