Monday, April 5, 2010

Seca the Red Dog.

There is nothing like a beautiful field of flowers on a nice quiet-


Ahem. I was saying, there is nothing like-

What the? HEY! STOP THAT!
Wait, what is so dang interesting over there anyways?

Oh. She found me a new boyfriend. How nice.

I shall call you Fred, and you will be my new lover. No? Well fine then Fred. Go run amongst the grass and the flowers then you little ingrate. Hmph. See if I save your ass from the dog again.

This is my baby.

Even when she steals the pillow. And my boyfriend. And the blankets. And she farts in the bed. And, and, and, and...her morning breath smells like a thousand turtles shat in her mouth.

I don't care. Cause I love her.

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