Friday, July 10, 2009

Scooters Lineage.

This is my car, a 2004 MINI Cooper S 6 Speed Manual, whom I lovingly refer to as Scooter.

Sigh, I love him.

Below is Scooters lineage, first up we have Scooters HOT cousin.

Then we have Scooters Grandpa: How cute is he??

That's it for now. PS it's my 25th birthday today :D.


  1. You're so cute.

    My car's name is Pheebs after Phoebe in Friends... every time I see another yellow new bug I say "Ursula!" and every time I see a yellow old bug I say "Look! Phoebe senior!" and every time I see a bug that isn't yellow but is old I call out "Lily!" and none of that makes any sense unless you're as obsessed with Friends as I am. :)

    happy birthday btw. (I think i covered every on line base possible! Twitter, facebook, blog...)

  2. Hahaha Thank you my dear!!!! I used to be obsessed with the show Friends...I had a roommate with all the season DVD box sets :D. Love it!