Friday, July 7, 2017

The Savior Is Here To Stay

Once upon a time,
There was a fair maiden,
Who called out in the blue,
She said where are you???
But only darkness replied,
And filled her void with lies,
Until sunlight, she despised.

But rejoice a savior comes,
And lifts the beautiful maiden up,
He says you are full of life,
Won’t you be my wife, oh love of mine!
And her heart warmed with light,
And she loved with all her might,
This is where her story began,
Walking alongside this glorious Man.

She sang, won’t you stay with me?
I will give you everything!
My voice, my heart, my thoughts are yours,
Just stay by my side, say you won’t run and hide,

He sang, love of mine, I give you my life,
For you are forever mine!
I will never leave your side!
You heart is safe with mine!

And glorious light abounds!
Their love, it knows no bounds!
Come trials, come what may,
For the savior is here to stay!

For the savior is here to stay!

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