Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Musings and Bad Poetry

What if you could share your burden with me?
What if I could identify what that was?
Let’s go back to the root of what takes my words away
And rewrite history.
You can have every memory,
Every word that changed my mind,
Let’s alter that reality,
Write a novel of a different kind.

Take these belief systems that misguide me,
Erase them with your love.
Restore the foundations of who
You made me to be,
Let’s drift away in a melody,
Like birds on the breeze,
I can sway with you,
If you’ll stay with me.

You can have the elements,
Wispy pieces of smoldering drafts,
Engulfed in blue fire,
Destruction is her rebirth,
Rising from the ashes,
Shape this argillaceous earth,
Let her rise, let her rise.

Just when the sticky heat here suffocates me,
The trees reduce to golden wisps,
As soon as their nakedness is born,
The harsh slap of winter wakes me from my dream,
Reminding me not to settle too long,
But I want this to be home. 
You want me to roll along,
But I’m tired of running.
This rolling stone is sitting here,
They say change is coming,
But I say bring on the storm.

I’ve determined the only thing left to do is eat the sprinkles in my tea.
You can sit there and smile or you can judge me,
But the water here is bitter if you don’t add some spice.

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