Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Too Much Honesty

These memories swirl like the flurries outside,
Burning me with every touch,
And do you remember me at all,
Or are you happy with her?
Every time I start to think about it,
I can’t help but get angry all over again,
Cause if you fell out of love,
I thought you’d at least treat me like a friend.
So when you look at that ring,
I hope you think of me,
I hope you think of me,
I hope you think of me.

I hate that I gave you the power to make me cry,
But never the strength to say goodbye,
Left me with nothing but questions,
When all I wanted was an honest confession.

And the worst part is,
Through it all, I realized I was never in love with you,
I just wanted that perfect picturesque life,
So I let myself get destroyed,
Chasing an illusion of being a wife.

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