Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Once upon a time a girl slapped someone in the face with her ass. True story.

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked to go climbing at the gym. On a particularly crowded day at the gym she decided to try a really hard climbing route - she felt like she needed something new, something exciting. So she put her harness on, conned one of the guys into working the safety rope for her and started up the route. Meanwhile, on the route next to hers there was a boy who was innocently standing at the base of the wall. As she meandered her way up the fake rock she lost her holding and fell, and being the clumsy - I mean graceful, swan-like creature that she is - she fumbled and didn't grab the wall to hold her in place. Instead she started swinging loosely from the rope back and forth like a retarded chimpanzee.

Her rope handler called out a warning to the man at the base of the wall, "HEADS UP!"

But alas, it was too late because as he looked up in surprise, HER ASS COLLIDED with his face. To make matters worse, she was wearing a chalk bag, which upon contact with his face emptied its contents...

It was then that she died of embarrassment.

The end.


  1. OMG. I laughed so loud at this. I am glad I am the only one in the office cuz Pat would think I am insane.

    PS I love you. And I love that you are even more graceful than me. Bahahahahaha

  2. PS I love you too! If I ever get asked what my most embarrassing life moment is I will tell this story! Hanging ten feet in the air and being on display for a gym full of people to see made this experience EXTRA SPECIAL! :D

    I never did get the name of the poor chap who got ass slapped. Maybe he will forget? Maybe?