Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I don’t understand why you have to lie

How you can say these things and look me in the eye

I can feel your deceit crawling in my skin

Makes me wonder why I ever let you in.

You’re wickedly talented but too lazy to do more

You’d rather lie around all day and pretend you’re not a whore

I have seen your kind, but I always keep an open mind

Because someday I’m hoping there’s a better version of your kind.

Love as it turns out is a Sisyphean task

I seem to have terrible taste and these assholes never last

Where are the genuine, don’t send me another who’s too weak

Pray tell me where is this magic man that I seek?

I’m growing and I’m learning, so please won’t you help me find

Another open-minded soul who’s gentle, fun and kind?

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