Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There is a time in all our lives
where we must be alone
to find ourselves
to grow

So lose yourself in the rhythm
of your lonely heart
and relish the growth
as your emotions tear you apart

The world is always changing
so find your special niche
and stay true to your dreams
no one else will grant your wish

you think you’ve found the answer
but love is a drug and you're too young
so you pack away the lesson
for when you find that special someone

Stay tight to your path
you alone choose your course
make decisions you’ll be proud of
life’s to precious for remorse

but damn it’s hard at times
to keep going at it alone
I keep looking forward to the day
when I have a steady home

The day will come when I can settle
with someone else who’s learned
that dreams don’t come to wishers
they’re something that you’ve earned.

Sometimes it's hard to focus on my goals because there are other things I would rather be doing...but I know if I lose my focus I will be unhappy in the end. This poem is about that struggle to keep going in the face of loneliness.

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