Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something Beautiful.

It builds and it builds

Till it drags you down

The things you put off

Pull you underground

Then you’re walking upside down

And nothing seems quite right

Until you get back the control

That you once held so tight

Gone are the blue skies

Replaced now with boring gray

While you waste away indoors

Checking your life away

The to-dos are never ending

So don’t get lost in the mix

And remember that when life drags you down

There’s more to it than this

Working is a means to an end

But don’t get caught up in the dash

Life’s too short to miss the beauty

Surrounding everything you have

There is always some kind of trouble

Because life deals a tricky card

Keep tight to your optimism

And nothing will seem that hard

Looking back now through the years

I can see the ugly lessons learned

And from each one I received

Something beautiful in return.

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