Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dearest Lizard King,

I most definitely hate you
you’re a deceitful, selfish human being
what you did to me was cruel
it went far and beyond being mean

You spent years using me as a toy
and when I called you at your game
you turned the tables and told me
that it was your father to blame

You are a coward
and I was too blind to see
that you were spineless
and wrong for me

You told me twice
you saw me as your wife
you wanted to have children
the words still cut me like a knife

to use my dreams against me
is the cruelest form of torture
you tried lecturing me once on class
but you know nothing, you’re an ass.

I want to hold my head high
but you cut at my strings
and made me feel less than human
took my pride, took my being.

So I try to concur my hate
and reconstruct my pride
while you take your lizard king form
and find somewhere new to hide.

This was inspired by this song:

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