Monday, December 6, 2010

It's no secret that I am a dedicated Tokio Hotel Fan. I love their music, flew half way around the world to see them in concert and I use their characters in my short stories. I am a regular visitor to their fan forum because I enjoy reading the other fan fiction stories posted there and I love talking to other people in the fandom. The TH Fandom is really amazing, it never ceases to amaze me how people from the entire world can pull together in this one place. The fandom spans Russia, Europe, Iceland, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, the Phillipines, Japan, China, Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc., etc. Sometimes we don't even speak the same language, but we still unite. The TH Fan Forum is the only place I know of where people from EVERY age catagory, background, walk of life and interest come to one place and harmonize based on the soul fact that we all like the music these four boys produce. It is an amazing thing to be a part of and it's one of the main things (other than the music) that I love about this band. My love for the band goes past the music, and encompasses the feeling of being a part of a community. A community that spans the globe. A community who may not speak the same language, wear the same clothes or live on the same continent, but who continuously unite for the same cause.
The cause that brings us together often changes - maybe it's to ensure that Tokio Hotel gets enough votes to win an EMA, or maybe it's for something larger like pulling together a website to send grains of rice to impoverished companies in Tokio Hotels name. Maybe the cause is as simple as supporting something that the boys stand up for, like HIV awareness. The band designed memorabilia/clothing that was sold to profit an HIV awareness campaign. Whatever the cause, great or small, the fandom pulls together to support the band.
Unfortunately, with every fandom there are 'extreme fans' who insist on stalking the band and invading their privacy. What I love about this fandom is that we make a huge and concerted effort to make it known that the fandom as a whole DOES NOT SUPPORT this type of conduct. There are a gazillion forum threads going on and on about what appropriate fan behavior is and how the only time the band should be approached is at autograph signings and concerts. Beyond that the fandom as a whole insists that the boys have their privacy. Why? Because we care. Because even though 99% of us will never and have never met these four fantastic boys, we adore them and we want them safe.
Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to meet them, but you won't see me staking out their house or following them wherever they go. That's crazy, that's rude, and you need to remember that they are human beings and even though they are REALLY ridiculously good looking, they deserve their time away from the fandom. They deserve time to be real people and not the glammed up rockstars they are required to be during concerts and interviews.

What is the moral of my story? To you wanky bastards who are stalking the band since their recent move to LA, quit trying to get photos of their new house. Quit trying to post the address online. Quit harassing the band by driving by, camping outside or taking pictures of their residence. If you are as big a fan as you claim you are you can go to an autograph signing session or a concert. Or if you think you might die if you don't see them in the next five minutes, stare at this picture and get over it:

(Photo taken from



P.S. Here are other healthy ways to enjoy the band: join the fan forum, read Tom's blog @, watch Tokio Hotel TV on youtube or order the DVD, listen to their music, read the interviews they do in magazines such as GQ, Vogue, etc.

P.P.S. If I ever see them walking down the sidewalk I am going to mentally hyperventilate and duck tape myself to a wall so I don't approach them. It will take pretty much every ounce of mental strength I have to not stare, drool or throw myself at their feet...but I will do it. Then when they are out of sight/hearing I will squeal like a small child and do about 9,000 butterfly claps. I'm glad we had this talk.


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